What a Month!

Slice of Life 2020: Day 31

As I prepared to write my final post for the March 2020 Slice of Life Story Challenge, I went back to my very first post on March 1. Looking over the list I made of all the things that were happening in my life on that day has given me pause. So much has happened and changed. Thankfully, some things have stayed the same. I said on March 1st that I would be writing from a place of gratitude about my life and that has truly been my guide these 31 days. Here’s a list I wrote on March 1st:

  • There’s a daughter’s fall wedding to plan
  • I’ve started a side hustle with my oldest son that’s getting off the ground
  • Two writing classes keep me busy
  • Three kids at home keep me cooking & cleaning
  • Lent begins tomorrow and there’s much spiritual work to do
  • There’s a baseball player in the house
  • There’s a marching band student in the house
  • There’s a wonderful husband in the house
  • There are service projects to plan and a bookstore at my church to run
  • There are photographs to take and edit


  • I can tell you my daughter is still getting married, but we’re not sure when or how.
  • The side hustle has actually taken off and since they’re out of work anyway, both my oldest boys have been chugging along on this project every day since the 17th.
  • The writing classes have kept me busy. In March, I completely reformatted my lesson plans to fit distance learning.
  • Instead of three kids at home, now there are four kids keeping me cooking and cleaning!
  • We’re still in Lent and there is still much spiritual work to do.
  • My baseball player and my marching band student have been laid off.
  • My wonderful husband is still here at the house, and he’s still working!
  • The service projects have all been cancelled. My bookstore is full of books, but there are no buyers.
  • I’ve taken photographs of it all.

What reflections can I make here?

  • Every day is a gift.
  • Every person in my life is cherished.
  • Life is constantly changing; we have to adapt to those changes in order to survive.
  • I am even more thankful to teach and interact with young people about something I love: reading and writing!
  • Weddings happen during times of great turmoil and that can be a blessing.
  • God is still in control; I am not.
  • Writing each day about all of these happenings has been a blessing and will serve as a digital preservation of our family’s adaptation to the changes and hurdles we’ve encountered this month.
  • Sharing these same struggles with my fellow writers in this community has inspired me and encouraged me to keep going.
  • Reading your stories has given me perspective and helped me along every single day in March.
  • I’ve made many new friends here.

Congratulations to all who have joined me in this year’s challenge. I’ve gotten to know so many of you through this experience, through this uncertainty in which we’ve all shared. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to stop by here to read my stories and see my pictures. I appreciate you and look forward to our meeting again.

One thought on “What a Month!

  1. And thank you for your ability to be so reflective with your writing and your life. If there’s something I always learn about this group is that reflecting is something I need to do more of, much more! 🙂

    Good luck with the wedding plans, the side hustle, and everything in between! 🙂


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