In the Present Tense

6 thoughts on “In the Present Tense”

  1. When I read these posts about COVID-19, it always strikes me that we are facing this issue worldwide. I can’t think of another time in history when I could connect to the challenges teachers all over the world are facing. I enjoyed throughout your post how the words breath and breathing occurred over and over. It’s something we always could take for granted before. I’m glad to hear your child had a negative test. Stay healthy!

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  2. That sense of “closing in” on so many counts is so real – I feel it. I know it. I find my thinking of late to be fractured in a dozen ways by the “present tense” of this collective unfolding story. Thank heaven for the negative test result for your son and for a daughter’s service of love in bringing food… just now I am thinking about small bites; not just of food, but of life. Definitely of that lesson prep, if that can be done! Strength, wellness, and peace to you and yours as you press on,

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  3. The sigh of relief was loud and clear. The tension of the situation is high. Breathing is the best approach to everything. We don’t know exactly what the future holds, we prepare, but the unknown is still there. Wishing you the best and hoping you can have some breaks when you don’t have to do three things at the same time and can simply enjoy the breathing and being.

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  4. Thank you for jumping in,Terje. There are a lot of unknowns, but I’m working through them as best as I can. Praying, breathing and just living this week.


  5. Hang in there and keep breathing. We all understand, we all are in the same boat. It is too close for comfort here. My next door neighbor had it, and we have lost 3 church members to it. (all older) Three have recovered from the hospital, and now our pastor, his wife, secretary and spouse, all have it. Plus a few other friends. Yet, we know that God IS IN CONTROL!! KEEP BREATHING.
    Love, Aunt Lee

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