Still Working on this House

6 thoughts on “Still Working on this House”

  1. Great update! And also a great warning to anyone who might have been going to buy this home! (Caution: beams which appear “solid” beams may not safe for people over 180 lbs)! )

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    1. Yeah! Good point. Thankfully this beam floats somewhat! And it is quite sturdy now. Packing decayed wood with bondo is common practice here. The fact that you’ve amended the wood is obvious and no one r hides it. Inspectors check the integrity of the support and structures around to make sure it is viable. They will tell you if there is any suspicion of instability! If you were to see the insane headers we’ve used to over kill the weight displacement (and to make sure we passed inspection) your mouth would hang open. This house could Survive a major blow and probably an earthquake! Great learning experience at any rate.


  2. Wow! How ambitious and exciting. I am so glad you passed inspection. I love that you are doing this project with your sons. Looking forward to more of the story!

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  3. All that hard work, only to be rewarded with an anticlimactic visit from the inspector! I am in awe of people like you who take on a renovating job like this, from the bones out. Looking forward to the next installation.


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