Write One True Sentence

11 thoughts on “Write One True Sentence”

  1. This post takes me back to adventures I had in my youth, adventures had with my own family, and the adventures yet to come with my wife. The memories, thick all around in cooling air, will germinate again, stories will be told, and all will be right with the world, at least for that day.

    Thank you for sharing the end of your summer with us! 🙂

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  2. I refuse to have it end just yet! We have dear friends of over 30 years visiting us. We’re showing them Alaska. When they leave next week, we’re taking one, last camping trip with our oldest son and his family, and the dogs! My veggies still aren’t done growing and although the leaves on the birch are quickly yellowing, and the fireweed is topping out, I’m determined to squeeze just a couple more weeks out of this mild summer. No snow poles are on the highways and byways, so I pushing winter back just a bit…

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    1. I agree. Let’s see how long we can get out of these last few weeks. Today, the sun has come out from behind the hurricane clouds and its looking like summer again. Definitely lifting my spirits a bit. Enjoy some camping while you can with the dogs. Dogs are so much fun on camping trips!!!

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      1. We’re almost empty-nesters and are very excited to go in our small trailer with our dogs. Our retirement dream is for the 2 of us – and our 2 dogs – to see Alaska – as much of it as we can. We are beyond blessed to live here! ❤️


  3. There’s so very much to love about this post. You give us such a grounded, sensory approach to everything around you, but it goes so much deeper than that. Yes, there’s the red rope, the pressed coffee, the trash from your travels. But…LOOK. Look at these photos. Look at the boundless joy and contentment within. It’s absolutely beautiful. Thank you.

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  4. Only three words, “Summer is over.” But what a story was really experienced. Thanks for sharing, and WOW! Have my great nephews grown! Love, Aunt Lee


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