Slice of Life: Day 24

Mowing Lessons I have a lot to learn about teaching!  Observing my husband give first time mowing lessons today, gave me some new perspectives.  My spouse is a natural born teacher! The first thing I noticed is that my husband didn’t just give instructions and then walk away and say, “now do a good job.”  … More Slice of Life: Day 24

2018 – Kitchen Table Reflections Prompted by iPhone Photos

Today is a rainy, February, gloomy sort of a day.  I am at my kitchen table letting the gloom settle in on me like loose silly putty on an upholstered couch, getting depressed about the weather and my blog and my to-do list.  My favorite green tea is out and Monday is the first day … More 2018 – Kitchen Table Reflections Prompted by iPhone Photos

We Got the Grad!

There’s a lot of hype associated with getting that perfect graduation picture.   You know, that intense feeling that you need a perfect memory of you with your first born child wearing  his college regalia right after the ceremony.   Throw in some traditions like, “your grandfather had his picture taken from this very spot” or … More We Got the Grad!