Throw it!

throwing a cast net

It’s time you learned how to throw the cast net!


Grab the rope with your right hand and coil it up so that you have all of it together.


Then, move the coiled up rope to your left hand.


Hold the neck of the net along with the coiled rope with your left hand.


Hold the edge of the net with your teeth and your right hand.


Spin clockwise so that you can open up the net.  Then drop it right over a wave.




Throw it! You know what to do.


You might just catch a fish on your first try!


…or two!


Careful.  You may want to do this again and again.


My husband is a natural teacher.  I only dream to be as awesome as he is when teaching a new skill.

Here’s what he does…

He gives an overview.  “Let’s learn to throw the net.”

Then, he breaks it down into bite-sized chunks.  Little pieces. “Hold the neck of the net along with the coiled rope with your left hand.”

Next, he shows how its done.  Really shows it, with his body or with his words.

Thereupon, he says “Go!” And you do it and you feel amazing.





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