A Conversation with Worry

Slice of Life 2020: Day 22

“You’ve been pretending like I’m not an important part of your life,” she said.

A steaming cup of coffee sat next to the sink. I was at my vanity putting on mascara when I saw her. She always had that same inviting stare.

“You’re right! I hate you,” I snapped.

“Then why do you spend so much time with me? I’m always on your mind and you know it,” she mocked.

I swiped the last bit of jet black mascara across my lower lash and stepped back from the mirror. She was right. We were together a lot. Like a toddler with a worn out teddy bear, I dragged her everywhere I went. Just when I thought we were cool and she had other people to stay with, she’d pop back in unannounced and sleep on my couch. As always, I’d let her stay, sometimes for weeks on end. Nights, I’d wake up and spend hours visiting with her. She’d tell delightfully deranged stories and I’d entertain them long after we both went to bed. I was gullible and believed. She just laughed and laughed as she spun new tales, me turning on every word.

At some point, though, I would eventually kick her out. She was becoming a burden and I couldn’t afford it any more. But, a month or two later, she’d come knocking at my door and the whole cycle would start again.

I wanted her out of my life and I’d been trying for years!

I took another sip of my coffee, picked up a wide tooth comb and ran it quickly through my hair. My mind was racing and my cheeks were hot. “We’ve got to figure something out. I just cannot go on like this,” I returned.

“Maybe that’s your problem,” she proclaimed. “That’s on you.”

I put the cap back on the mascara, put it back in the drawer, turned off the light and slammed the door shut as I walked out.

“I still hate you!” I yelled back.

She was quiet, as always.

6 thoughts on “A Conversation with Worry

  1. This slice was so clever! I love the personification. My favorite: Like a toddler with a worn out teddy bear, I dragged her everywhere I went. Well done.

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